Power Point Story Board examples for Adobe Dreamweaver

The following series of storyboards were created on a Power Point (.pptx) template that I created for an Adobe Dreamweaver e-learning module. The module was a mock tutorial for a Harrisburg University development course. The course was fast paced and powerful, completely geared toward building our processing speed and development tool-belt. We learned a new Adobe developing tool every two weeks and had to quickly build an e-learning module from start to finish using the Rapid method with every tool. Our instruction was a combination of instructor led, lab sessions and Lynda.com tutorials. It was by far the most challenging class I EVER took and an easy 80 hours of weekly homework on the Captivate, Dreamweaver and Flash sections. The course was taught at Harrisburg University by Al Unrath at the graduate level. Fortunately the class only had three students and I got a lot of extra help with my professor!

Simple storyboards for e-learning (Photo courtesy of Microsoft, 2012)

e-learning Flowchart for Adobe Dreamweaver


About Angela Rupert

Angela Rupert is a freelance instructional designer and development consultant. Contact Angela Rupert for a free consultation at arupert88@gmail.com or (717) 480-1747.
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