Instructional Technologist Framework

Instructional Technologist Framework

Executive Summary:
The Widget Factory seeks an online training solution for their Human Resource Department. Currently, training takes place in the classroom. The Widget Factory would like to put their classroom training online so that managers make access the training as needed.

Adobe e-learning Suite 2 is the tool selected for the project.  Assessments at the end of each chapter will serve the purpose of reinforcing the material and scores will be generated automatically through Captivate 5.

Project Goal:
Launch a custom online training module that will effectively model subject matter, online learning requirements, course materials and learning objectives.

Project Objectives:
By spring 2011, an instructional technologist will
Identify course subject, instructor and materials
Identify online learning requirements
Identify course objectives
Design flow chart
Design storyboard
Develop course prototype
Implement course prototype
Evaluate prototype

Research Goals:
Find an examples of similar training
Consider “Best practices for transitioning to online learning”
Create a research Gantt chart
List research resources

Table of Contents:

Project Identification
o Identify project goal
o Define project objectives
o Identify project sponsorship
o Identify stakeholders impacted by project
o Analyze development resources
o Work Breakdown Structure
o Utilize a project management tool
o Incorporate Gantt charts and time lines

Course Identification:
o Identify course subject
o Identify stakeholders impacted by project
o Identify online learning requirements
o Identify course materials
o Identify course learning objectives

Project Analysis
o Analyze resources
o Identify constraints or project limitations
o Analyze subject matter
o Research existing solutions
o Identify time constraints
o Define Project Schedule
o Identify costs associated with the project
o Identify internal and external resources required
o Summarize conclusions related to objectives

Project Design
o Obtain an instance of Adobe e-learning module
o Design flow chart
o Break down learning activities
o Create learning objectives for each of the activities
o Incorporate technology into the assignments
o Design interactive learning lessons
o Design course storyboard

Project Development
o Develop course prototype
o Media selection
o Organize media assets
o Edit media using appropriate tools
o Develop assessments
o Develop instructors guide (paperless)
o Prepare assets identified in storyboard

Project Implementation
o Identify launch options
o Stage a “Kick-Off Meeting”
o Implement course prototype
o Document progress
o Use graphic representations for task analysis
o Identify project milestones
o Provide updates to the management team
o Facilitate focus groups

Project Evaluation
o Obtain feedback
o Catalog Feedback
o Revise learning solution
o List additional accommodations
o Summarize progress
o Identify follow up needs
o Write a closeout report


About Angela Rupert

Angela Rupert is a freelance instructional designer and development consultant. Contact Angela Rupert for a free consultation at or (717) 480-1747.
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