Needs Analysis Report Case Study

Angela Rupert

The Plagiarism Pledge

Instructional eLearning Design Case Study on Attitude Change

Section 1 – Need Analysis Report

Executive Summary: The Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is an academic institution of higher education offering academics in mathematics, science, and technology. The university requires copy write and plagiarism awareness training for entry level students at both the undergraduate and graduate level. With internet and technology rapidly changing, Harrisburg University seeks to familiarize students with the proper way to reference writing and media in essays, blogs, podcasts, wikis and other mediums.

Business Need: Harrisburg University seeks a learning solution for student understanding of the ethical implications of plagiarism in order to reduce academic instances of plagiarism.

Learning Opportunity: A learning module outlining the consequences of plagiarism as a career and reputation killer will teach students to take responsibility for their own work.

Expected Benefits: Students will take more care to cite sources when borrowing ideas inspired from other authors. HU professors will reduce the number of confrontations when verifying student sources for authenticity.

Audience Analysis: A typical student at HU is an undergraduate in their early twenties. A secondary audience is the graduate student, average age in their forties. Males and Females are nearly evenly split in both categories.  Older students may not be familiar with referencing media in blogs, podcasts, wikis and other mediums that were not available to them years ago. The upcoming generation is more technology savvy, having quickly caught on to the copy and paste features of word processing. On occasion, incoming freshman may have slipped through high school with teachers too busy to verify student sources.

Project Design: An asynchronous e-learning module will illustrate to incoming students what plagiarism is and why they need to be more conscientious writers. The video will be shown to incoming students during writing class and plagiarism training with the school librarian. An e-learning module will incorporate open-source media and digital imaging on a power point presentation.

Project Success Measures: The campus librarian will track the number of student plagiarism responses before and after the training.

Out of Scope: The e-learning module will be short in length and will not get into the specifics as to how to avoid copyright infringement and any rules about what constitutes fair use laws.

Estimated Project Costs: Project costs should not exceed the price of any e-learning module or software that will be needed to be purchased for the final portfolio.


About Angela Rupert

Angela Rupert is a freelance instructional designer and development consultant. Contact Angela Rupert for a free consultation at or (717) 480-1747.
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