Interactive Design Doc

Here is an interactive course outline that created to help me frame projects and add learning objectives quickly. I added drop boxes to a four page interactive design document template. The design doc now conveniently lists verbs from Blooms Taxonomy!
Interactive Design Doc 1

Click on the link to the downloadable pdf. Interactive_Design_doc_v1 (For hints on what each level does, roll the mouse over each category and a pop up box will appear.)

I am always looking for instructional design tools that will open up creative channels. I have a few more designs in mind, so, keep checking back in the future! In the meantime if you have any feedback or links to share feel free to make a comment or email me at

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About Angela Rupert

Angela Rupert is a freelance instructional designer and development consultant. Contact Angela Rupert for a free consultation at or (717) 480-1747.
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